What Happens in a 60's a Go-Go Class?  

This is an upbeat, high energy dance fitness class with a twist, using classic American 60's dance crazes and Go-Go moves to get your pulse raised and give you a cardiovascular workout. We'll do the twist, the stomp, the mashed potato too, and pretty much any old dances that you want to do!

The majority of each session will involve continual  movement, building and layering choreography as we go, rather than the 'stopping and starting' of more traditional dance classes. There will also be a 'progressive' routine taught across each course, because I know it's fun to achieve a complete piece of choreography too! 


Because there are options to work at different intensities, it is suitable for all levels of fitness. Set to a soundtrack of fabulous, feel good music, you'll not only leave each class feeling like you've had a work out, you'll also have a whole new set of moves ready to take straight onto the dancefloor!

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Your Course Package...


6 weekly classes of 60 minutes, with a guaranteed space every week

1 x 'Free Class Pass', to either share with a friend (because everyone knows dancing is more fun with friends!), or to treat yourself to a bonus class 

Discounts on ‘Charleston a Go-Go!’ one-off workshops/social events  for 12 months 

The opportunity to switch to a Tuesday evening Charleston a Go-Go class in Woodseats should you miss your regular Wednesday evening session 

Access to our secret Facebook group, where we will share videos, resources and inspiration to keep you shakin’ your thing between classes!

* New Term* Course Dates!

Wednesday 4th September

Wednesday 11th September

Wednesday 18th September

Wednesday 25th September

Wednesday 2nd October

Wednesday 9th October

Class runs 8.00 pm - 9.00 pm 

Classes take place at Hillsborough Tabernacle Church, Proctor Place (off Middlewood Road), Sheffield, S6 4HF. The venue has its own car park, and is served by a number of tram and bus services.


Course fees are non-refundable

This is the perfect class for you if...

  • You love 1960’s music and dance crazes, and want to unleash your inner shimmy shaking Go-Go dancer! 

  • You enjoy learning moves and building up choreography whilst moving throughout the class, rather than more traditional dance classes which ‘stop and start'

  • You prefer a ‘dance fitness’ style of class in a community setting

  • You live in or around Hillsborough, Walkley or Crookes, or want numerous public transport links

Can I Pay as I Go-Go?

To ensure you can get the most of out of my classes they are offered on a termly basis. 


If you are keen to learn new skills, master iconic movements and choreography, get a bit fitter and spend more time enjoying being 'in the moment' it will take a little commitment over a period of weeks - a drop in class just won't give you that! When life gets busy often its the 'fun' stuff and the stuff we do for us that is the first thing we sacrifice.


That said I am aware that sometimes we know ahead of time that there are sessions we just can't make, and I always endeavour to work around this if I can - get in touch and lets talk!