Frequently  Asked  Questions...

What should I wear?


Anything that you can dance and have fun in! If gym and dance wear float your boat, go for it! If you're happier in a dress, that's just fine! Want to rock a full on flapper look or go go boots? Amazing! Your class, your call!


You will however need the freedom to move comfortably, and be aware that you are going to get warm and sweat (although we might call it 'sparkling...!')  There is a reason these dances were considered the 'aerobics' of their time! Sports bras are also worth considering for when things get a little bouncy, and please bring a bottle of water along.


I don't recommend wearing high heels for health and safety reasons, and advise against trainers/gym shoes with a rubbery grip - you will need a smooth sole for that all-important swivel and twist!

Do I need to bring a partner?


Men are more than welcome to join in classes (Jake and Elwood were particularly excellent shakers of tail feathers after all!), however I won't be teaching partner/ 'in hold' work specifically. If you would like to learn Lindy Hop, Jive, Swing or Rock n Roll there are already some amazing classes in Sheffield. My classes will focus more on solo dance styles from the 1920's and 1960's, with a retro party feel.

Do I need to be fit and able to dance?

Absolutely not! I'm a firm believer that dancing to amazing retro music is something that everyone should be able to enjoy, regardless of your levels of fitness and ability. My classes focus on creating a fun, fully inclusive party atmosphere, where everyone (and every 'body') can have a giggle learning iconic dances and dance moves, with the accidental bonus of getting fitter along the way.  Everyone who knows me knows that I am a firm believer in the incredible mood boosting power of shaking your thing, jiggly bits and all!

How old do I need to be to come to classes?

My insurance covers me to teach classes to adults over the age of 16, and I am therefore unable to offer regular classes to anyone younger than 16 at this time.  Due to licensing at my Woodseats venue my Tuesday evening classes are currently open to 18 and over only, and my Hillsborough Wednesday evening classes are open to 16 and over. If you're under this age but are interested in classes please get I touch, as it may be that I can offer one-off workshops and sessions in the future.

Can I Pay As I Go?


Due to demand and to ensure you can get the most out of attending, my classes are offered on a termly basis, with prices currently capped at no more than £10 per class.

If you are keen to learn new skills, master iconic movements and choreography, get a bit fitter and spend more time enjoying being 'in the moment' it will take a little commitment over a period of weeks - a drop in class just won't give you that. Let's be honest, when life gets difficult its the 'fun' stuff and the stuff we do for us that is the first thing we sacrifice. I really believe that when life gets busy, it's even more important to make time for you to just be you.


That said, I am aware that sometimes we know ahead of time that there are sessions we just can't make due to other commitments, and I always endeavour to work around this if I can - get in touch and let's talk!