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Hello, Caroline here...

For someone who regularly shakes her tail-feather in front of strangers, I can be notoriously shy about introducing myself, and have a tendency to hide as soon as a camera appears. I thought it might be good to take the chance to tell you a bit about myself and how I ended up here!  


Rewind to June 2017, and I was sitting in one of my favourite vintage American diners, and couldn't help thinking there was something missing...


I'd been teaching since graduating in 2000 (we'll skip over  the bit where I did a drama degree with Benedict Cumberbatch, no, really!), and I had spent over a decade choreographing and teaching theatre and dance in and around Sheffield.  


All my life I'd had a passion for all things 'vintage'- showgirls, fashion, music, film. I am also a total retro dance geek. I've lost hours falling down research rabbit holes- teaching myself dances from fuzzy old video tapes, spending a fortune on original 60's dance instruction manuals, and, more recently, spending more time on You Tube than is probably considered healthy.  I mean, I'm the woman who not only had an Elvis wedding, but actually sat through every single Elvis film before I jetted off to Vegas (not for the faint hearted, I assure you. 33 FILMS, varying quality!) Between us, I sometimes feel like I know Bob Fosse better than some members of my own family.  

Anyway. I'd never really enjoyed partner dancing (what can I say? I am a natural leader, haha!), and I struggled to find a dance class where I could dance to the music that I love, in the dance styles that I'm so passionate about.


It started me wondering.... this can't just be me, right?!


In the wonderful words of Joe Lycett,  I realised that sometimes if you want something to exist, you have to make it yourself. The seed for Charleston a Go-Go was sown!

More than anything I believe that dance is for everyone. It really doesn't matter how old you are, what your body looks like, how fit you are, or even whether you know your left from your right. All you actually need to dance is enthusiasm, because what really matters is how dancing can make you feel.  


When I'm not dancing I work as a Psychological Well-Being Practitioner in the NHS.  I am also mum to two boys who pretty much invented the word 'rambunctious', and a geriatric 21 year old cat, who is (obviously) called Elvis. Trust me when I say I truly appreciate the need for a little escapism and silliness in life - dance is my therapy! If I can make even just a few people feel how I feel after dancing, that will make me incredibly happy.

Truth is, when you come to a Charleston a  Go-Go class you really are supporting the tiniest of tiny businesses (it's just me!), and I am beyond grateful for how this tiny seed has grown. I'd absolutely love you to join me on my one-woman mission to put the joy and sparkle back into life...

In the meantime, keep shakin' that thing!

Caroline x

Psssssst.. The best way to find out what I'm all about is to come along, meet me and try a class for yourself. Why not sign up for our next FREE taster session to find out more? 

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