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Shake Up Your Celebrations with Charleston a Go-Go!

Gimme a P... Gimme a A... Gimme a R... Gimme a T... Gimme a (WH)Y....?!?

Because we love a good P-A-R-T-Y! 

For the last decade I have been travelling throughout the UK, teaching a wide range of retro dance parties to fabulous folks who just wanna have fun.


Whether it's a hen party, a special birthday, or just a celebration of how much more fun life is if we dance- I can most likely help.

With everything from the Roaring Twenties to Dirty Dancing and Thriller, via classic Burlesque and Sixties Go-Go,  Charleston a Go-Go will make sure that your guests find their happy feet and shake all their cares away!  


Got a particular dance on your bucket list? Let us know, we'd love to see if we can help!

"Caroline is a great dance teacher! I met her for the first time when she taught 40 people of very varied dancing ability how to dance Thriller. She was energetic and friendly, and even left us with a video of how to do the dance and some dance notes to carry on practising it. The afternoon kept us all on our toes!


I would thoroughly recommend booking her for a group event such as a party or a hen do or to just learn a dance with a group of friends. I am looking forward to finding an excuse to book her again. 

Thank you Caroline!"


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