...we're coming out of our kitchens, and boy are we ready to party like it's 1929!


Ever feel like you were born in the 'wrong era'?

Would you love some escapism from the stresses of modern life?


Fancy learning authentic vintage dances, but not so keen on the idea of dancing with a partner? 


The word 'exercise' make you feel queasy, but still want all the benefits of staying fit and being active? (if possible without having to wear lycra?!)


Been put off dance classes because you're anxious about having 'two left feet', or worry it might feel too intimidating?

Inspired by the flapper girls of the 1920s to the shimmy shaking go-go dancers of the 60s, we might just have the class for you...!

Charleston a Go-Go is back shaking that thing!

"Last class was just so fabulous I’m mentally bottling it for future happiness hits!" - Jess