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Would you love some escapism from the stresses of modern life?

Have you always wanted to learn authentic vintage dances, but worry that you've got 'two left feet' or no-one to dance with?  


 Do you want to enjoy all the physical and mental health benefits of being more active in a fun way, with no pressure to wear sports wear or feel like you're 'ex-urgh-cising?!'


Do you want more joy and sparkle in life, and some 'Me Time' just for you? 



Shaking That Thing Since 2018!

Whether you want to shake your tailfeather or party like it’s 1929, we have the vintage dance craze class for you…


Inspired by the fabulous flappers of the 1920s to the shimmy shaking Go-Go dancers of the 60s, our mood-boosting dance classes give you the chance to learn some of the most joyful and iconic dance moves of all time, all set to a toe-tapping soundtrack of uplifting retro music.  With an emphasis on fun and inclusivity, rather than ‘getting every step right’, you can expect a fun way to get your heart pumping and an incredible mood and energy boost that lasts all week! 

"Thank you for putting the joy and sparkle back into life!"- Kate

“Classes give me with an hour and half of pure escapism and joy every week! I switch off from everything else and just have fun. I think its so good for my fitness, mood and sanity. I’ve met the loveliest people, who I feel completely comfortable with and who are so supportive and fun, and I laugh loads. I never regret going even when I am so knackered…I come out smiling and energised!”, Mary

"Last class was just so fabulous I’m mentally bottling it for future happiness hits!" - Jess

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